it’s time

to spread some love

it’s time

to spread some love

To give is a good feeling. A feeling that makes you feel warm inside.
A feeling better than receiving.

There are so many good initiatives and start-ups out there that need help with design, branding or content production, even on a small scale.

I hope that my work can help good initiatives to grow and help them progress.

That’s why I created

2016 project


In 2016 I worked a lot with Welcome Movement. Their main product “the Welcome App” is a simple tool for locals and refugees to connect. In the app you can join welcoming events with your friends or meet a refugee over a cup of coffee.

When I first met Emma and Tobias, the founders, I was super inspired by their desire to make refugees feel more welcome in Sweden and Norway. I helped Welcome Movement with their new website, as well as translating the app into Norwegian.

In December they arranged a Welcome party in Stockholm that I also documented.
Take a look at the highlights here:

How can I help you?

Do you need help?
I’m currently looking for other good initiatives that need my help and digital expertise.
My goal is to help at least one project or cause every year.

I can help you with web development, graphic design, branding and video production.

Drop a line below and submit your application today.
You can also drop me an email to

Looking forward hearing from you!

Best regards,
Christian Lunde

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